Wachuma, Medicine of Dreams and Self-Knowledge!

25 years ago I began researching and experimenting with the medicinal properties of the plant wrongly named by Catholics as San Pedro. Its native name is Wachuma or Huachuma, also known as Achuma, Aguacolla and Gigantón, being its scientific name “Echinopsis Pachanoi” or “Trichocereus Pachanoi”. This cactus grows in the Andes, in Southern Ecuador, in Peru and Bolivia and belongs to the same family as Peyote. Its main chemical component is mescaline. Throughout the years I have discovered it is the best anti-depressive, thus I dare to say we can cure the epidemic of this millenium which is stress.

I also combine the work with Wachuma and the hot springs in treating depression, HIV, addictions to alcochol, cocaine and other drugs.

I would like to share with you, as well, that in 2003 I gave the first steps towards a great dream. I began a project named Nyi School of Art in the Community of Puerto Miguel, Maynas Province, Loreto, Peru. There we teach children and youngsters of this community to draw and paint and the truth is that I feel very happy with the good results among the students. Nowadays their work is being exhibited in other countries.

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This “job” at the Non-Profit Organization is in gratitude for all I have received from God, from our beloved Pachamama and from many people.